Exciting 18th Birthday Party Ideas


Many people enjoy celebrating their birthday with others. That’s why it’s no surprise that there are plenty of great options to celebrate your 18th birthday with others. If you’re out of ideas, here are several.


* Host a party


Many people love parties, plus, it’s a fantastic way to get presents. Who wouldn’t love to be gifted similar books to Game of Thrones as a present? There are many great reads, like Hunger Games and Harry Potter, that can make a great read for someone of any age.


* Go out to a club or bar


This idea may vary based on where you live. Americans can’t drink until they’re 21, but many clubs and bars will accept them as guests provided that they do not drink any alcohol.


* Hang at home with friends and order pizza


If you aren’t a big party person, or someone who likes clubs, then this third option could be great for you. Many people want to celebrate their eighteenth birthday with someone special who is great, and hanging at home and ordering pizza, or your food of choice, is a fantastic way to do just this.  Get together, tell some long jokes, it’ll be a great time.


* Spend the day reading books


Do you prefer to be alone? If so, this could be for you. Reading books similar to Game of Thrones, or whatever book options you prefer, could really brighten your day. Why not spend your 18th relaxing?




There are many great ways to celebrate your birthday.

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