Richard Mishaan Design Dominates His New York Residence

Over his career that spans over 20 years, Mr. Mishaan, an interior designer born in Colombia has made a name for himself by being an enigma in the industry. Richard Mishaan is a favorite interior designer among collectors due to his abilities to arrange disparate elements e.g. a striking modern sculpture with a 17th-century console into pleasant-sounding juxtapositions. This describes his rare skill that he has used over the years in most homes he has decorated in Long Island, New York, a Manhattan-based apartment and in Cartagena, Colombia.


Richard Mishaan’s Home


Richard Mishaan has lived on Fifth Avenue at the last residence on the gilded stretch that overlooks the Central Park for 18 years. This is the place where he has raised his son and daughter together with his artist wife, Marcia Rolfe Mishaan. Their apartment has a nice family space despite the numerous museum-quality art and fine furniture. This is a testament of their deep appreciation for art and beauty as well as their defiance to follow prescribed design rules. Mr. Mishaan stated that he hates the constraints of following the norms when it comes to where anything should be placed.


Inside the Apartment


Upon entering the apartment, there is a table designed by Guy de Rougement supporting a stainless-steel art piece by Zhan Wang, a Chinese artist, standing next to a neoclassical console made of carved-wood. The walls are decorated with an enthusiastic collection of works that range from Rob Wynne’s glass droplets, Federico Andreotti’s painting depicting a 19th-century scene. According to his wife, Richard Mishaan uses his apartment like some sort of lab to try new things. Individualization is the main theme of any Richard Mishaan design.


About Richard Mishaan


Richard Mishaan is a guru in interior design and has just released his second book titled “Artfully Modern” (Monacelli Press). His designs are unique and individualize a client’s life rather than him forcing his lifestyle on the client. His apartment in New York is art-stuffed with a lot of disparate objects.


Mishaan is a native of Cartagena, Colombia but was raised partly in Italy. He was surrounded by color from a young age as his Colombian heritage and cities are more colorful. Mishaan focuses a lot on making disparate objects coexist in a beautiful way.




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