How Fabletics is Setting Pace as a Trendy High Value Brand

In the three years, it has been in operation, Fabletics has grown to a $250 million worth business despite the hiccup of Amazon controlling a significant portion of the online market, specifically in the fashion world. Fabletics conducts most of its sales via an online subscription system selling sports gear and accessories to a variety of women. Throughout since its founding Fabletics has offered not only motivation but also a convenient mechanism for meeting the needs of its clients also giving them membership slots to become part of the Fabletics movement.


On its business venture, the company has embarked on partnerships with prominent companies like Apple and Warby Parker from which they benefited by opening 16 additional branches in Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California. When asked about the company’s big secret the general manager stated the company day one initiative to become the quality brand it is. According to Gregg Throgmartin, the company out-shines it competitors by meeting personalized needs of their clients and at a fairer price.


With the showrooming technique going south for most businesses, Fabletics made a smart risk. Fabletics added a twist to the showroom technique by reversing the system. The showroom method that was a fail for most companies became a win for Fabletics by eliminating the issue of people customers browsing offline. Through this, they established solid relationships in the industry and expanded their knowledge of the regional markets by organizing various events. Retail is an element of service at Fabletics, and this has flocked their stores with almost 50% of their members as 25% individuals intending to secure membership.


The company recently launched its first collaboration with Demi Lovato at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Despite having no backbone in the business world, Kate Hudson’s success in her business venture in just three years is impeccable. When the founders of TechStyle first came together in 2013 to establish a trendy, affordable and quality athleisure brand, Kate was first to cross their minds.


Kate Hudson is a key player in the day to day operations of the company. From budget reviews, selecting best media strategies and participating in the product designing. She works with the team consistently checking on sales ensuring proper flow of the inventory. Being a person who takes a stand in what she believes in Kate Hudson is the number one promoter of her brand. She has severally been spotted wearing her brand.


In their incubation period, the company experienced major bumps from poor quality inventory and criticisms. However, they learned from this and combined forces with the parent company to produce high-value products. Better Business Bureau ranked them for setting the record for high standard customer care.

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