Alexandre Gama : The Icon Of Success In Advertisements Industry

     The Brazilian business and publicizing authority Alexandre Gama has spent most of the most recent two decades talking about the part the business in the South American nation plays on an overall level. In the wake of being raised in Rio de Janeiro and going to Fundacao Armondo Alzares Penteado school where he was taught in promoting methods the regarded author advanced toward the publicizing business in Brazil as an essayist; the expedient section of Alexandre Gama through the Brazilian promoting industry has seen him ascend to its most elevated amounts as a CEO and CCO who works in Brazil, the U.K. what’s more, over the world.

Alexandre Gama built up his own particular promoting organization, Neogama, which has pushed his profile upwards and onto the worldwide stage as his contemplations and experience are presently popular by various industry and business gatherings. The achievement of Gama as a worldwide publicizing official this amazing individual has been a noteworthy power for the Brazilian promoting industry that regarded him as one of the main ten figures in the historical backdrop of the division as far back as 2004; Alexandre Gama has utilized his abilities and prominent in an offer to ensure the Brazilian business is constantly held in the most astounding regard far and wide.

The accomplishment of Alexandre Gama was guaranteed in 1999 when his youngster Neogama organization was granted a Cannes Golden Lion for their promoting work, which has been trailed by a progression of wins for Gama himself and the Neogama office to make a noteworthy record of 23 Golden Lion triumphs. Crafted by Alexandre Gama has proceeded all through his vocation as the pioneer of Neogama as an innovative expert who has by and by finished honor winning efforts for all around perceived brands, for example, Johnnie Walker.