George Soros: Creating a Change in the World through New Reforms

The Come Back of George Soros

George Soros is an 85-year-old Hungarian billionaire. He resides in New York and is known for investing in risky currency trades. The businessman also doubles up as an author and philanthropist. The billionaire is known for his political giving. In an article published by Politico, Soros who has been quiet for a while is now back. In 2004, George Soros was endorsing President George Bush and he spent $27 million. In the last U.S. election, Soros spent a little over $25 million in support of Hilary Clinton. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros has known Hilary Clinton for 25 years and was totally committed to supporting Clinton’s campaign. According to Soros, this election was more important to him. He felt that the opposing side would undermine reforms he had worked very hard to support. These reforms are namely; immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reform.

The billionaire showed tremendous support for Hilary and went to the extent of donating $7 million to a super PAC supporting Clinton. He also donated $3 million to Immigrant voters which he had originally committed to donating $5 million. George Soros political donation is also famously known. He donated $1.5 million to Senate Majority PAC. Apart from Political donations, George Soros continues to donate to non-profit organizations. It is estimated that to date, he has donated over $13 billion to these organizations.

George Soros’ Stand on Capitalism

In an article published by the Atlantic, George Soros lets people know his stand on capitalism. According to Soros, capitalism may be a threat to democracy in the society today. Having grown up in Hungary where they were subjected to Nazi rule, Soros is quite knowledgeable when it comes to both communism and capitalism. He has an inspiring story of rising from nothing to being among the richest men in the world today.

He gained great success in the financial market, and from that success, he was able to set up his own foundation which he called it Open Society Fund. He founded this fund in 1979 and the main agenda of the fund was to open up societies that are closed off and to make the societies that are open more viable. His first task was in South Africa. However, apartheid proved too hard to crack. So he turned his focus to Central Europe. Read more on

The foundation has become a success and he has been able to reach over 25 nations worldwide. George Soros addresses the issue of failing capitalism. According to him, now that communism is a thing of the past for many nations, instead of enjoying the new found freedom in capitalism, people in these former communist nations are now struggling to survive.

Rick Smith: Leading the Correctional Communications Industry

Securus Technologies is one of the leading correctional communications company which aims to provide communication services inside prisons across the United States. The current chief executive officer is Rick Smith who was appointed to this position since 2008. Securus Technologies is based in Texas, and it is recognized to be one of the most significant players in the industry. They have been partnering with thousands of correctional facilities throughout the country. Rick Smith was once the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc., but because of his expertise and dedication to serve the field of communications well, he was ultimately selected to become Securus Technologies’ chief executive officer instead.

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The company under Rick Smith has been perfecting the video calling technology for years now. They aim to give prisoners a better experience with communicating with the outside world. The method has seen an exponential growth during the last few years, and the authorities are already considering to use the technology for replacing old methods like face to face visits. The video calling technology by Securus Technologies would also be utilized for the safety of the prisoners by creating a longer timeframe for them to speak with someone outside just by using the available devices and an internet connection. They are also building biometrics software that would help jail guards identify each prisoner, making it more manageable than before. Authorities are saying that this method would save a lot of money, and the prisoners are the once who would also benefit from it.

The leadership of Rick Smith has seen the tremendous growth of the company. Their demand has been increasing, as Securus Technologies has also been expanding to Canada, serving thousands of correctional facilities across North America. They have been a company that is for profit for ages now, and today, contracts are still pouring in thanks to the effort of Rick Smith. More than $600 million has been invested by the company alone just to take care of its patents and inventions. In three years, Rick Smith Securus have seen how their developments are slowly transforming the justice system of the United States. The extensive collection of data from their devices is helping out the authorities, and with a vast array of images and information stored in the device, they can track down inmates and see if they managed to escape. Aside from that, data coming in from their devices can be transformed into a graph, showing how crimes can be resolved, and how those who work in law enforcement and emergency response can be assisted. The innovation that Securus Technologies have developed is recognized as a small step to the future of correctional facilities, and Rick Smith is leading the company to new heights, thanks for his passion for delivering success. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

Learn about Nick Vertucci and his academy in 5 minutes

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