George Soros: Creating a Change in the World through New Reforms

The Come Back of George Soros

George Soros is an 85-year-old Hungarian billionaire. He resides in New York and is known for investing in risky currency trades. The businessman also doubles up as an author and philanthropist. The billionaire is known for his political giving. In an article published by Politico, Soros who has been quiet for a while is now back. In 2004, George Soros was endorsing President George Bush and he spent $27 million. In the last U.S. election, Soros spent a little over $25 million in support of Hilary Clinton. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros has known Hilary Clinton for 25 years and was totally committed to supporting Clinton’s campaign. According to Soros, this election was more important to him. He felt that the opposing side would undermine reforms he had worked very hard to support. These reforms are namely; immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reform.

The billionaire showed tremendous support for Hilary and went to the extent of donating $7 million to a super PAC supporting Clinton. He also donated $3 million to Immigrant voters which he had originally committed to donating $5 million. George Soros political donation is also famously known. He donated $1.5 million to Senate Majority PAC. Apart from Political donations, George Soros continues to donate to non-profit organizations. It is estimated that to date, he has donated over $13 billion to these organizations.

George Soros’ Stand on Capitalism

In an article published by the Atlantic, George Soros lets people know his stand on capitalism. According to Soros, capitalism may be a threat to democracy in the society today. Having grown up in Hungary where they were subjected to Nazi rule, Soros is quite knowledgeable when it comes to both communism and capitalism. He has an inspiring story of rising from nothing to being among the richest men in the world today.

He gained great success in the financial market, and from that success, he was able to set up his own foundation which he called it Open Society Fund. He founded this fund in 1979 and the main agenda of the fund was to open up societies that are closed off and to make the societies that are open more viable. His first task was in South Africa. However, apartheid proved too hard to crack. So he turned his focus to Central Europe. Read more on

The foundation has become a success and he has been able to reach over 25 nations worldwide. George Soros addresses the issue of failing capitalism. According to him, now that communism is a thing of the past for many nations, instead of enjoying the new found freedom in capitalism, people in these former communist nations are now struggling to survive.

Bob Reina Discusses Talk Fusion Beginnings and Philanthropy

Talk Fusion has established itself atop the video marketing industry as The place to go for communication solution needs. Talk Fusion has been a favorite company for awhile now of many businesses looking to embrace and enhance how they get their message out. Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2007 after a series of successful ideas came to fruition. Now Bob Reina is standing strong as the CEO while watching his company climb up the industry ladder. Learn more:


In order for Talk Fusion to have become this successful Bob Reina had to stand up and take ownership for the concept. Reina cites his unwavering faith in his product as the driving force behind his work with Talk Fusion. Reina says, “Once I’ve seen the potential of a product or an opportunity, there’s not much that can deter me.” Reina’s unwavering faith in his company has certainly paid dividends as they recently were awarded the prestigious industry prize: 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award.Learn more :


Talk Fusion is an idea that Bob Reina came up with while working as a police officer. At an off-duty event Reina was introduced to a network marketing professional who soon had Reina’s gears turning about potential business enterprises. Reina would soon land on Talk Fusion after he found that current email clients (at the time) were woefully inadequate for sending and receiving videos directly embedded into their body. Reina saw the profitability in an idea like this and hooked up his concept with a friend and IT consultant. Soon Talk Fusion’s Video Email would be hitting the market and the rest was history.


There is a lot to love about what Talk Fusion has done to the video marketing industry. They are bringing innovative and technologically sound ideas to market that are having a direct impact on companies and customers in over 140 different countries. Not only that, Bob Reina has also instilled a philosophy of philanthropy into the very bones of his company. Talk Fusion is a prolific company in terms of their giving and we’re excited to see what they do in the coming years.


Dick DeVos Jr.’s Passion for Education Charities and an illustrious Career under His Belt

Dick and Betsy DeVos continuously contribute in their charitable giving’s which have grown to about $139 million over decades of donating to churches and other noble courses. In 2015, the DeVos’ gave $11.6 million in charity aid, according to a report posted on the DeVos Family Foundation site. The high-profile couple hails from a family dynasty well known as key players in the Republican politics for many years. The DeVos Foundation was listed in the 2015 Forbes magazine, placed position #24 in the “America’s Top Givers” listing.


Charity Courses


For Dick and Betsy, education is a priority. In 2015, they gave away $3 million to learning causes, equivalent to 26 percent of their generous donations that year. Their Foundation awarded an additional $357,000, to organizations that support education reforms.


Dick sights that part of the reason they value education courses is that the current learning system fails to align with the American dream. He partly blames the civil rights movement as a fundamental problem, due to kids growing up in zones where education was hardly accessible in the quest to achieve the American dream.


Dick DeVos critically disagrees with the “standard” public education that doesn’t offer diversified learning for students. As a result, he believes that there is a need to reform the entire system to allow the present teaching staff to achieve better results.


Principal beneficiaries from the DeVos purse in 2013 include; College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids-Michigan, Detroit Charter School, Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Alma Mater Northwood University, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Potter’s House in Wyoming, and Rehoboth Christian School in New Mexico.


Dick DeVos says the donations mostly aim at helping communities and people, directly. The couple is a great benefactor of the Potter’s House-urban Christian school and Grand Rapids Christian Schools.


Career and Family Life


Dick DeVos is the co-founder of Amway Corporation-a network sales company that distributes household, health, and personal care products through multi-level marketing. DeVos began his career at Amway Corporation in 1974. In 1989, he left the firm to start The Windquest Group, a manufacturing and sales company dealing with storage and closet organizers.


In 1991, his father asked him to handle Orlando Magic Basketball; the National Basket Association’s franchise, owned by the DeVos family. He remained actively involved in running of the Windquest Group. In 1993, he returned to Amway Corporation as president, after his father retired. In 2000, Alticor Corporation, an umbrella firm comprising three companies, was formed. Under the new organization, Alticor group expanded its businesses to over 50 countries on six continents.


In 2002, Dick retired as president of Alticor to devote his time to the Windquest Group. Dick is married to Elizabeth, a daughter of Edgar Prince. Edgar is the founder and president of Prince Corporation – Michigan. Dick and Betsy have four children; Rick, Elisa, Andrea and Ryan.