Squaw Valley Releases Statement On Water Safety Improvements

The authorities at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California, have just released a statement on the status of their water supply. In this latest update, Squaw Valley said it was making substantial progress in treating both the coliform bacteria and E. coli in the upper mountain’s water system.


Staff at Squaw Valley first discovered the presence of E. coli in their water supply in early November. Squaw Valley officials contacted the Placer County Department of Environmental Health on November 8th and the two teams have been working together ever since.


Squaw Valley’s press release blames October’s powerful rainstorm for the contamination of their new water system. This October rainstorm inundated the water system that serves both High Camp and Gold Coast, two high mountain resorts in Squaw Valley. This inundation led to the contamination of both E. coli and coliform bacteria.


The press release goes on to say Squaw Valley staff quickly noticed the contamination in this water system after a routine daily test. In addition to contacting the Placer County Department of Environmental Health, staff members also called the Squaw Valley Public Service District.


Numerous water safety experts immediately travelled to Squaw Valley to check out the situation. Squaw Valley continues to work with these experts and has pledged not to release their water to the public until they get a unanimous green light from authorities.


Once Squaw Valley found out about this contamination, it immediately shut down its water system for both High Camp and Gold Coast. In this latest report, Squaw Valley claims that no contaminated water was ever made available to their guests. In lieu of drinking water from their water system, Squaw Valley employees have provided guests at the upper mountain resorts with free bottled water.


Throughout the past several months, water treatment experts have treated the upper mountain water system extensively. There has been great improvement in the past few weeks. Recent tests show that there’s absolutely no E. coli in three of the four wells on the upper mountain. There’s also very little coliform in these three wells.


Although Squaw Valley is happy with this improvement, they continue to remain on high alert. All restaurants are closed on the upper mountain, and all guests are made aware of the situation. So far, no one has gotten sick due to this contamination issue.


Dick DeVos Jr.’s Passion for Education Charities and an illustrious Career under His Belt

Dick and Betsy DeVos continuously contribute in their charitable giving’s which have grown to about $139 million over decades of donating to churches and other noble courses. In 2015, the DeVos’ gave $11.6 million in charity aid, according to a report posted on the DeVos Family Foundation site. The high-profile couple hails from a family dynasty well known as key players in the Republican politics for many years. The DeVos Foundation was listed in the 2015 Forbes magazine, placed position #24 in the “America’s Top Givers” listing.


Charity Courses


For Dick and Betsy, education is a priority. In 2015, they gave away $3 million to learning causes, equivalent to 26 percent of their generous donations that year. Their Foundation awarded an additional $357,000, to organizations that support education reforms.


Dick sights that part of the reason they value education courses is that the current learning system fails to align with the American dream. He partly blames the civil rights movement as a fundamental problem, due to kids growing up in zones where education was hardly accessible in the quest to achieve the American dream.


Dick DeVos critically disagrees with the “standard” public education that doesn’t offer diversified learning for students. As a result, he believes that there is a need to reform the entire system to allow the present teaching staff to achieve better results.


Principal beneficiaries from the DeVos purse in 2013 include; College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids-Michigan, Detroit Charter School, Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Alma Mater Northwood University, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Potter’s House in Wyoming, and Rehoboth Christian School in New Mexico.


Dick DeVos says the donations mostly aim at helping communities and people, directly. The couple is a great benefactor of the Potter’s House-urban Christian school and Grand Rapids Christian Schools.


Career and Family Life


Dick DeVos is the co-founder of Amway Corporation-a network sales company that distributes household, health, and personal care products through multi-level marketing. DeVos began his career at Amway Corporation in 1974. In 1989, he left the firm to start The Windquest Group, a manufacturing and sales company dealing with storage and closet organizers.


In 1991, his father asked him to handle Orlando Magic Basketball; the National Basket Association’s franchise, owned by the DeVos family. He remained actively involved in running of the Windquest Group. In 1993, he returned to Amway Corporation as president, after his father retired. In 2000, Alticor Corporation, an umbrella firm comprising three companies, was formed. Under the new organization, Alticor group expanded its businesses to over 50 countries on six continents.


In 2002, Dick retired as president of Alticor to devote his time to the Windquest Group. Dick is married to Elizabeth, a daughter of Edgar Prince. Edgar is the founder and president of Prince Corporation – Michigan. Dick and Betsy have four children; Rick, Elisa, Andrea and Ryan.


Ricardo Tosto: Business Litigation In Brazil

As a business organization owner or business manager, you know very well that your success greatly depends on the enterprise relationships you maintain and build. Dealing with contract legal disputes can easily damage the good name you have developed for your business organization, and even lead to substantial losses.

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Being fully prepared for organization litigation problems before they happen is the best way to protect your business from significant legal damages or challenges.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an experienced and reputable business and corporate law attorney. From his law office Brazil, Ricardo Tostos uses his background as a business and corporate litigator to represent clients in Brazil, in a wide range of business litigation cases. With more than 22 years of experience in the field, Ricardo Tosto offers business litigation advice and representation for companies, business owners and high-profile individuals, as well as politicians.

Before starting his law firm, Mr Ricardo Tosto worked in a small law office where he honed his skills. Ricardo Tosto is passionate about helping to protect and advise business owners as they start and grow their ventures.


Norman Pattiz brings the paranormal world into stand still with the new show, Beyond the Darkness

Norman Pattiz is the founder and executive chairman of Podcastone. Podcast one has announced a new paranormal, Beyond the Darkness. It is the newest show in WWE star, Chris Jericho’s podcast network. Podcastone is the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in America. The show is under Podcast umbrella. It will show the views of many researchers who will bring a new challenge on what you think about paranormal. The paranormal in the show are ghosts, demons, angels, aliens and monster encounters. The show hosted by Dave Schrader, author and radio host together with Tim Dennis, a radio presenter. It will air on Mondays in the Podcastone app, iTunes, and Podcastone.com.

Norman Pattiz said Chris had distinguished himself as one of the gems of the Podcastone network; he added that Chris had done an excellent job in the network. When the Jericho network collection started, it was evident that it will develop past wrestling. In the past, Chris has delivered comedians; now he wants to offer the world of paranormal with beyond the darkness.

Chris announced that he was shocked to deliver the new Podcast to Jericho. He recognized that Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader are leading in paranormal broadcast in another world. The two have a massive fan base who believe in them. The hosts will help grow the fan base of Beyond the Darkness in Jericho network.

Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the founder of Podcastone. Podcastone was launched in 2012; it immediately became the leading producer of audio-on-demand programming. In 2010, Pattiz started Courtside Entertainment group. The team produced some of the most quality programmings in the industry. Pattiz has more than 40 years of experience in radio syndication. He is also the founder of Westwood one which became America’s largest provider of news, sport, and entertainment under his leadership. Pattiz was chosen by President Clinton in 2000 to work on the broadcasting board of governors in the US. In 2002, he was reappointed by President Bush to the same position. The board is in charge of non-military broadcasting services in the US.

Pattiz was appointed into National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009, where he received many broadcasting prizes from Library of American Broadcasting. Apart from broadcasting, Pattiz is a Regent of the University of California. Additionally, he serves as the Lawrence Livermore’s Chairman. He is also the chairman of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.

With his wife of almost 30 years, Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz, Norman Pattiz lives in Beverly Hills.

Follow him on Facebook and @norman_pattiz

Exciting 18th Birthday Party Ideas


Many people enjoy celebrating their birthday with others. That’s why it’s no surprise that there are plenty of great options to celebrate your 18th birthday with others. If you’re out of ideas, here are several.


* Host a party


Many people love parties, plus, it’s a fantastic way to get presents. Who wouldn’t love to be gifted similar books to Game of Thrones as a present? There are many great reads, like Hunger Games and Harry Potter, that can make a great read for someone of any age.


* Go out to a club or bar


This idea may vary based on where you live. Americans can’t drink until they’re 21, but many clubs and bars will accept them as guests provided that they do not drink any alcohol.


* Hang at home with friends and order pizza


If you aren’t a big party person, or someone who likes clubs, then this third option could be great for you. Many people want to celebrate their eighteenth birthday with someone special who is great, and hanging at home and ordering pizza, or your food of choice, is a fantastic way to do just this.  Get together, tell some long jokes, it’ll be a great time.


* Spend the day reading books


Do you prefer to be alone? If so, this could be for you. Reading books similar to Game of Thrones, or whatever book options you prefer, could really brighten your day. Why not spend your 18th relaxing?




There are many great ways to celebrate your birthday.